Tortilla-Veggie Wrap

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey Folks,

I am in a swing today that I am posting the second dish back to back.This is also the Valentines Day special.Giving a break to regular dishes, I came up with this.We really dont need to go to the restaurants to enjoy delicious food when we can prepare everything at home from the scratch.This dish so called Tortialla - Veggie wrap is a healthy food as it contains all the veggies.I shopped in Walmart for the veggies just before an hour of preparation and yes...u r good to goooo!!

Capsicum : 1 of all kinds which includes red,green,yellow.
Zucchini : 2
Carrot: 2
Onion : 1- 1.5
Jalepenos: 4-5
Avacado : 2
Sour cream
Olive Oil
Garlic Salt (A must)
Tortillas(Flour ones tastes good.Prefer wheat considering health)


1) Take the capsicum (all kinds),zuccini,carrot and onion.Cut them all in the same size and in the shape of your finger.Thin and long.
2) Now take an aluminium tray and put all the veggies into it.Spread them along the tray.
3) Dress all the veggies in the tray with olive oil and garlic salt according to your taste.
4) Put them in the oven which is set to 300 degrees and let them grill.
5)Meanwhile,take the avacados and squeeze out the paste in it.Chop the jalepenos very finely and fry them.
6)Add the avacodos paste to the fried jalepenos.This will add spice to the wrap.Keep this aside.
7) Open the oven after 5 - 10mins and taste the veggies to judge if they are ready to eat.They dont need to be cooked completely and shouldnt be completely raw.
8)If they are good to eat,take a pan and make the tortillas flipping on both sides.
9)Now take one tortilla, put a layer of sour cream, another layer of avacado,jalepeno paste and then the veggies and wrap it.

Make all the other wraps in the same way.Very very very tasty Tortilla-veggie wraps are ready to enjoy.


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